Part 1.

What is Success and Achieve It

Part 2.

Clarity is Power

Part 3.

Become Emotionally Fit

Part 4.

Find Your True Gift

Part 5.

You Are Your Rituals

Part 6.

Effort is Between YOU AND YOU

Part 7.

Be the Leader of the Pack

Part 8.

Happiness is the Key to Success

Devote Yourself to an Ideal

A Revolutionary Book for daily motivation and changing your life


    Find True Happiness


    Develop Laser Beam Focus


    Get on the Right Financial Path


    Make a Positive Impact on Others


    Develop Goals and Stay Disciplined


    Learn How to Get to 6% Body Fat


    Master Your Emotions


    Squeeze More Out of Life


    How to Get What You Want From People


    Train Your Mind Like You Would Your Body


    Reduce Stress with these Techniques


    Double the Results With Only Half the Work

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About The Author

JARET GROSSMAN J.D. - Motivational Speaker and Master Enabler

Jaret Grossman is a serial entrepreneur, certified personal trainer, motivational speaker, and fat loss expert. He has taught thousands of people how to get lean by creating the MP45 program to rival P90X’s program for gym users, which is a 45 day workout regimen and meal plan to get users in the best shape of their lives in only 6 and a half weeks. He’s also been a motivational support figure for millions of people and literally changed their way of thinking through a wide ranging number of techniques such as online communication, public speaking, YouTube videos, and internet-featured articles. When Jaret took up wrestling in the 8th grade, he had a scrawny 98 pound frame and only won 2 out of 23 matches. After he started hitting the weights and implementing the philosophy of H.I.S.T., he compiled a record of 52-6 during his junior and senior years of High School. He eventually became New York’s Nassau County Champion, the #1 freestyle wrestler in Long Island, a 3x All- American wrestler in college, and a bronze medalist representing Team USA overseas at the Maccabiah Games. Now, he weighs 205 pounds at 6% body fat all year round. After just finishing up law school in May of 2012, Jaret preaches that success in any realm is due to a belief in an ideal and proper time management skills. He is now halfway through his MBA program in addition to starting up several other businesses such as JD Stop LLC (2011) and Jarbly LLC (2010- Jarbly Media Group). Now Jaret wants to help you maximize your potential, and he’s damn good at it too.

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Compelling Stories, 44 Exercises, and Revolutionary Speeches to Motivate You Daily

Devote Yourself to an Ideal is a revolutionary personal improvement system developed by famous motivational speaker Jaret Grossman. By using the concepts you'll learn in this program, you will be well equipped to confidently face and conquer any challenge placed in your path and change your way of thinking for the better. This exciting program not only changes your actions, but also changes your mind, and will help you accomplish any task in life.

Just because you're good doesn't mean you can't get better. Phil Jackson was not a better player than Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant, but he was so effective in maximizing their potential. You too can benefit from a coach. The purpose of coaching is to propel you to higher levels of success, performance and greater contribution to your goals; ultimately positively impacting every facet of your life. Remember, the only failure in life is not having the courage to try. What you may consider as past failure is only experience that will allow you to move forward. External motivation is great, but it only lasts for a short while. I teach you tools and techniques to learn how to become intrinsically motivated. These are done through hands-on active exercises. I will teach you to yearn to ameliorate your inner being. That goes for your mental outlook, personable traits, mental toughness, physical appearance, strength, endurance, and every other facet of life.

Working with a Motivational Coach Can Help You:

•  Establish what you want from your personal life, work, and athletics.
•  Gain fresh perspectives and techniques to push through challenges.
•  Boost confidence and self-esteem.
•  Improvement in productivity
•  Increased satisfaction with your personal life and work - become happier.
• Attainment of goals.
•  Be the best person you can be.

I believe that anyone has the ability to chase their dreams no matter the circumstance- if you’re willing to work for it. Your belief system and mind will control everything.

Let me give you an example of how powerful the mind is:

There have been countless studies of young women who are convinced mentally that they are pregnant after their menstrual period is missed. After truly believing that they are pregnant, they have the EXACT same symptoms of pregnant women (morning sickness, excessive vomiting, weight gain, cramping, fatigue, etc.) Yet they were never pregnant. Your mind will control everything.

See My Impact and Effect

"I don't need to give my guys a speech any more before a game. I just hit play and they know the drill. This gives them all the emotional fire I could ever ask for. Thank you so much for this video Jaret."

"After I showed this video to my employees, every single one of them surpassed their quotas by at least 20% when I used to have only one thoroughbred. You are so inspirational man. Not sure how I can pay you back. Anything you need from me, let me know."

"he messages that I´ll try always to remember from you: 1. Time is your most special commodity, you can´t buy it or have it back 2. Do all you can do to accomplish your tasks 3. Give your heart and soul every single day 4. Break all your mental barriers to get where you want to be And, my favorite: BE THE BEST PERSON THAT YOU CAN BE!"

"It took me so long to come up with the right words to say to you, and now it 's been 5 months since I read your book. Back then, I neglected my school studies. I didn't study for my exams, and got F afer F after F. My teachers and my parents started to give up on me because I didn't show any will to study, work hard, of change my situation. When I read your book - DAMN - I read it and became motivated like never before! I got an A+ in all of my Final Exams and I was able to get into college! And this was all possible THANKS TO YOU! Your words are like a bible to me! You are the greatest role model I have!"
"Not only did you give me motivation to get to the gym every day width a renewed vigor, buy I've made more money in the past 2 months than I did throughout all of last year. You are a genius!"

"I want to thank you so much.. its been a hard life, and this really gets me deep inside. It's help me change and make better of myself. I just can't say the right words or even if there are words to describe what this means to me."

"You pulled my son out of a dark hole and turned his life around, Jaret. He finds the motivation to do incredible things I never thought were possible before. He was filled with a lot of negative energy, hate, and plenty of bad thoughts. Now, he really is a changed man and is constantly looking for new ways to get better daily. Everyone notices how he's become a more loving and caring person. Thank you so much for everything you do."

"I just bought your book Devote Yourself to an Ideal, and it has helped me tremendously in my life. It's been one of the best investments I've ever made and has helped motivate me like never before. Thank you."

"Getting to the NFL and succeeding requires an extraordinary amount of discipline and hard work. Believing in yourself and staying motivated throughout that whole process to get up and grind is the most important part of it all. Jaret's motivational techniques are essential tools for anyone looking to chase their dreams and be successful."

Devin McCourty
New England Pro Football Player, 2011 All-Pro Cornerback

Your mind will control everything. It can destroy you if you let it or it can open up all the possibilities for you.

A coach can help put your mind in focus!

There's a reason why I have sold over 100,000 tracks on my iTunes album in only a few months:

Just take a look at all of the proven benefits of having a coach:

• A study conducted by the Manchester Group on the effects of coaching found that training alone increased productivity by 22% while a combination of training and coaching increased productivity by 88%. Just think about all the money you could make by being more efficient.
•  A study at Booz-Allen-Hamilton revealed a 790% return for every dollar spent on coaching.
•  Coaching has produced a 529% return on investment and significant intangible benefits to your business.
• According to a recent American Management Association study 44% of people report losing one hour or more per day in productivity due to stress. Another 37% report losing 15-30 minutes per day in productivity due to stress.
• Make your dreams come true. Develop the courage you need now.
• Astonish yourself by reaching your goals.
• Happiness is in your hands.
• If your mind can conceive it and believe it, then you most certainly can attain it.
• You have to wake up if you want your dreams to come true.

Have you ever heard the story about the fleas in the jar? If you observe a bunch of fleas in a covered glass jar, they will try to break free. After you remove the lid, the fleas will continue to move only as far as the top of the jar even though the lid is no longer there.

What's the point? The point is that the fleas have become conditioned. They understand that if they behave in a certain way the result is predictable. The same thing happens to people. We become what we think.

By using the concepts you'll learn in this program, you will be well equipped to confidently face and conquer any challenge placed in your path and change your way of thinking for the better. This exciting program not only changes your actions, but also changes your mind, and will help you accomplish any task in life.

I was able to gain insights from the likes of Tony Robbins, Steve Jobs, Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg, Lance Armstrong, Barbra Streisand,Ryan Blair, The Beatles, Abraham Lincoln, and many many others!

I have studied some of the most influential people who ever walked this earth and applied their knowledge and wisdom in a more simplistic way. Practically anything with meaning in life is covered in this book and is more relevant to the year 2012. Here are just a few of the topics that I will cover:
Get Rich with No Money

This book identifies numerous individuals who were completely broke and became billionaires. In nearly all cases, people with no special skills discovered aspects of their personal passions that could be monetized. Examining specific case studies of these people, you can easily figure out exactly how to implement these money making skills in your own career.
Find Eternal Happiness

A recent study showed that that Buddhist monks are the happiest people in the world. What makes them happier than us? By understanding their way of thought and outlook on the world, you too can understand how to be a happier person.

Live Stress Free

Did you know that stress can kill? It can weaken the immune system, human body and mind to a point where other very harmful illnesses can occur, such as heart disease, depression and diabetes. Stress should be taken seriously and the sooner you begin to tackle the problem the better the long term results. You will learn valuable coping strategies to manage stressful situations during daily life and practical skills to prevent stressful situations from occurring in the first place.

Increased Networking Skills

Did you know that a recent study showed that everyone is connected to everyone by just seven people? Whether for a job, for your next business deal, or just trying to meet someone important, you will learn proven strategies on how to reach those valuable contacts.
Get Financially Free

All it takes is saving $5 a day to become a millionaire in just 40 years. Yes, only $5 dollars a day. There's little things you can do with your money to ensure your bank account is flowing and you're pockets are never empty.
Improve All of Your Relationships

You will get more insight into your relationships than ever before. You'll learn how to spot compatible qualities and incompatible stumbling blocks. And above all you'll learn how to apply your knowledge to any of your relationships- past, present, or future. This applies not only to romantic relationships, but also with friends, family, business partners and so on.
Time Management Skills

Discover how you can manage your time in such a way that you are able to take care of all your tasks without any lack of efficiency. You'll learn how to get double the results with only half of the work and even the time of day when your body is more efficient. Learn to stop procrastinating for good!

Learning the Art of Pick Up

You can go from "not being able to talk to a girl or guy" to being very successful with the opposite sex in a short period of time. You'll learn everything from seduction techniques to common mistakes to conversation techniques that will always allow you to know what to say.
Have Mind Blowing Sex

You may perfect the art of pick up but you still need to be able to close. You don't have to be good-looking, rich or well connected to be successful with the opposite sex. Wouldn't you like to bring both yourself and your partner to an ecstatic orgasm…every time? Wouldn't you love to be referred to as "great in bed". You will learn how to be a better lover and discover the ultimate sexual experience with your mate.

Build the Perfect Physique

Are you tired of spending hours in the gym each week and not seeing any real results? Well, there is actually a tiny trick that you can do that will all but guarantee you'll pack on muscle and burn fat.

Cook Like a Champ

Cooking is one of the things that separate humans from monkeys. It doesn't have to be hard! Discover how to eat like a king with zero skill in less than 10 minutes a day, all while losing weight, saving money, and impressing your friends and family.
Less Sleep = More Energy

Did you know geniuses and military leaders throughout history have been linked with polyphasic and unconventional sleeping habits- Napolean, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, and Winston Churchill to name a few. Many of them replaced 8 hours of sleep with six 20-minute naps, giving them more time and energy in the day to be productive.

MOBILE READY Read it on your favorite device!

Imagine yourself in an environment where you can exceed your expectations and end up feeling more alive than you have in years.

Use this practical advice immediately

See significant changes in your happiness & success

Devote Yourself to an Ideal is a comprehensive guide on how anyone can achieve a happier and more fulfilling life through the principles of self-improvement. This is based on years of psychology research and self-experimentation, and it covers key areas in self improvement including beliefs, emotions, habits, relationships, work, health, and much more.

Reach the Pinnacle



Discover the Essential Secrets of Self-Made Millionaires and Super-Achievers.

Millions of people love my online videos. However, these only scratch the surface and don't cover some of the most important points. I expand on the philosophies preached in my videos and provide you with mountains upon mountains of valuable advice in my eBook. When you start implementing these techniques and principles into your own life, you will notice how much your life has changed for the better. All it takes is this small investment. Download my eBook and you can be reading in minutes. There is NO shipping charge or waiting time. It is delivered right to the computer instantly and can even be read on your mobile device.

You get at least 10 times your money's worth! The average rate of a one hour session with an EFT Practitioner is $100. It could take several sessions to work through your core beliefs about relationships, happiness, success, etc. You could spend more if you choose to go to the traditional therapy route. And as far as I am concerned, psychologists don't offer a money back guarantee!

There is absolutely no price tag you can put on changing your life. So don't delay. Order now and you can be receiving this program in less than a minute.

Best Investment Ever

$22 / Improved Life
  • Print-ready for any print shop or your home printer.
  • Read it right on your mobile phone.
  • Receive it in less than one minute.
$22.00 Buy Now

A quick peak into the book

All of the things you will learn with this book cannot be explained in a short description.
You will gain 202 Pages of Useful Tactics to Maximize Your Potential
Here's Just a Quick Overview of What you will find inside

Learn the secrets of the world's most influential people through the most intriguing stories you've NEVER heard of:

1980 Miracle Olympic Hockey Team
Abraham Lincoln
Albert Einstein
Albert Ueltschi
Alec Baldwin
Alex Rodriguez
Andrew Carnegie
Anthony Robles
Arian Foster
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Barack Obama
Barbra Streisand
Brent Metcalf
Brian Dawkins
Brian Tracy
Brock Lesnar
Cael Sanderson
Carl Lindner JR
Carmelo Anthony
Charles Dickens
Chris Paul
Christian Bale
Christopher Gardner
Christopher Nolan
Curtis Jackson "50 Cent"
Curtis Martin
Eric Thomas
Floyd Mayweather
Gabby Douglas
George Lucas
Harold Hamm
Henry Ford
Howard Schultz
Immanuel Kant
Isaac Newton
Ivana Trump
JK Rowling
J Robinson
Jack Canfield
Jack Welch
Jackie Mason
Jeremy Lin
Jerry Rice
Jim Buckmaster
Jim Carrey
Joel Osteen
John D. Rockefeller
John Grisham
John Paul Dejoria
Jordan Belfort
Josh Hamilton
Justin Bieber
Kai Greene
Kate Winslet
Kendall Cross
Mark Wahlberg
Mark Zuckerburg
Martin Luther King JR
Maurice Jones Drew
Michael Irving
Michael Jordan
Michael Oher
Michael Phelps
Mike Kreiger and Kevin Systrom
Mike Tyson
Muhammad Ali
Oprah Winfrey
Peyton Manning
Phil Jackson
Ralph Lauren
Ray Kroc
Ray Lewis
Rob Summers
Robert De Niro
Russell Simmons
Ryan Blair
Sam Walton
Sheldon Adelson
Shia Lebouf
Simon Sinek
Snoop Dogg
Soichiro Honda
Steve Jobs
Sylvester Stallone
The Beatles
The Game
The Wright Brothers
Thomas Edison
Tiger Woods
Tim Ferris
Tim Tebow
Tom Brady
Tom Brands
Tommy Hilfiger
Victor Antonio
Walt Disney
Wayne Gretzky

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