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    Jaret Grossman

    CPT, J.D., MBA Candidate

    About Jaret Grossman

    The reason why Jaret is where he is today is because he has constantly had to push outside of his comfort zone to make himself what he is today. He grew up brilliant, with a scored IQ of 156 on a standardized test, winning the spelling bee in his class, being a top math student, and playing chess in his spare time. However, he was energetic, rambunctious, loved athletics, and had a difficult time conforming to school's conventional teachings. While all the other kids could sit still in their chair and listen to lectures, Jaret had a very difficult time, because he loved to move around and be expressive. He created a hockey game to play during the free time in classroom that his classmates joined in on in which he used highlighters and made tiny hockey pucks out of aluminum foil. He liked to make the class laugh and would often end up in detention or the principal's office because of his expansive energy. His parents would often have to come on a weekly basis after school to pick him up from detention. Little did anyone realize that his intelligence was based on his energy and when physical activity dropped, so did his performance in school. He was then taken to several therapists, psychologists, and psychiatrists, and diagnosed with ADHD. As a result, he was put on drugs such as Ritalin, Adderall, and Concerta. He was ridiculed by his peers for it when he had to get called down every day in math class to the nurse's office to take such medicine. This was very taxing emotionally on him and he often found himself not expressing what he wanted to because of the ridicule. For years, he suffered with speaking with what was on his mind as if he was not important; that others were better than him. He believed that he was inferior and that his voice or opinion was not important. This affected him for years. As if things couldn't go worse, he was the 3rd smallest kid in his grade at the start of junior high school. He weighed only 80 pounds soaking wet! Consequently, he was picked on for his size or lack thereof. Jaret then took up wrestling in the 8th grade. For a lack of better words, he was awful. He won 1 match all year. He got picked on a lot being an easy target and in the spring of that year, he got beat up at the Boys and Girls Club by a boy one year younger than him. With a desire to improve, he continued wrestling and in 9th grade (96 lbs.), he did not improve much - 4 matches won. 10th grade (98 lbs.) - 12 matches won. Slight improvements, but still defeating to his psyche. The late spring of 10th grade after wrestling was over was when he was introduced to weightlifting by Richard Allen, (current Co-Owner of Muscle Prodigy). Richie brought Jaret to the gym 5+ days a week with him and Jaret took to it like a sponge. He bought every fitness magazine on the shelf, books upon books on the subject, researched online, and he changed his nutritional habits. He gained 40 pounds in one summer! This made him a much better wrestler instantly, but he also wanted to get better at the technical side of wrestling and a very important mentor in his life, Max Bracero took to helping Jaret...(Read More)


Strength of Body. Strength of Mind. Strength of Spirit.
Fit is not a destination, it is a way of life

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  • Testimonial
    Emily, Teacher

    I want to thank you so much.. its been a hard life, and what you've done has transformed. I've become the best version of myself. I just can't say the right words or even if there are words to describe what this means to me.

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    David, Financial Analyst

    Not only did you give me motivation to get to the gym every day width a renewed vigor, buy I've made more money in the past 2 months than I did throughout all of last year. You are a genius!

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    Mary Ann, Proud Mother

    You pulled my son out of a dark hole and turned his life around, Jaret. He finds the motivation to do incredible things I never thought were possible before. He was filled with a lot of negative energy, hate, and plenty of bad thoughts. Now, he really is a changed man and is constantly looking for new ways to get better daily. Everyone notices how he's become a more loving and caring person. Thank you so much for everything you do."

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    Jessica, Sales Desk Manager

    "After I showed this one video of yours to my employees, every single one of them surpassed their quotas by at least 20% when I used to have only one thoroughbred. You are so inspirational! Not sure how I can pay you back. Anything you need from me, let me know."

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